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We are Handy!

A Welcome Note

We will like to thank you for taking some time out to peruse information about our company and services. Handy Stewards thinks itself to be a fresh, dynamic and environmentally aware group of individuals with a common agenda of providing friendly, efficient and cost effective facility management solutions for all our clients, whether commercial or domestic.
Handy Stewards was founded by two individual with vast experience in comprehensive facility maintenance skills in 2007. It is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number BN 2041327.
We are supported by a strong management team comprising people with relevant technical experience in all our scope of services. We at Handy Stewards believe that a good health is conducive to the productivity and the quality of our surrounding, we strive to provide excellent maintenance culture and services to satisfy the challenging needs of our clientele.

About Us

Our Objectives

At Handy Stewards, our objectives are:

To provide for your facility/environmental maintenance needs.

Exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

Discover the mindsets of doing business at the most convenient pattern free from burden and stress.

Help you reduce overhead cost and increase returns on investment.

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To lead the industry by providing integrated world class facility maintenance solutions through     efficient use of resources & technology, using sustainable products and an empowered workforce

To be the leading facility maintenance provider in West Africa.
Looking forward to a time when Handy Stewards becomes a household name and a definition for “Ideal environment”

Our goal is to provide clients with the best possible service. We strive to attain this through
constant training and the application of state-of-the-art developments in environmental and         facility management services, as well as recruitment of utility personnel.
We are renowned for our expertise in residential, commercial and industrial facility management services through our incomparable value delivery. We continuously strive to develop new and       innovative facility maintenance and recruitment of utility personnel with a view to enhancing a    healthy working environment.

Our Core Values

The Board and management of Handy Stewards are committed to live up to the highest ideals of good governance and also pledge to serve uncompromisingly to:

Implementing innovative service solutions;

Forge close and lasting business relationship with clients;

Creating opportunities through empowerment initiatives;

Why Choose a Facility Managing Company?

Reduce Costs

Cost-savings alone can be a good enough reason for businesses to outsource tasks like cleaning to janitorial contractors. As you well know, retaining in-house employees is a very expensive endeavor, and in-house facility services personnel are no exception. What value   do these employees add to your core business function? The answer is most likely little to    none. But you still have to pay for those individuals‘ payroll, tax, salary and benefits packages such as insurance, vacation and sick pay, etc., not to mention numerous indirect costs like   tools and equipment, management, and training.

FAQs (Our Customers' Concern)

The following are our customers' frequently asked questions. We have given answer to each concern.

YES. We have built our company based on personal attention to our clients, service and quality. Handy Stewards employees are part of an ongoing, extensive personnel training program that we have taken pride in developing, which includes rapid response time. There are four levels of Supervision. They include Area Supervisors, Customer service representatives, Sales Persons and Handy Stewards Executives. Along with the actual staff on duty. We all work together to ensure the best quality of service.

YES. A detailed checklist is completed on every visit with follow-up inspections during weekly management visits. Our employees receive an going training with emphasis on paying attention to details.

YES. Weekly visits by Handy Stewards management are scheduled with designated Customer contact personnel to ensure total customer satisfaction. We will provide you with a log book in which you can leave a note to the member of staff on duty if you have a concern or special request. It will be addressed on the next scheduled maintenance of your facility.

YES. Handy Stewards is opened from 8AM to 6PM, Monday through Saturday. Our management personnel can be reached throughout our service hours

YES. Our facility managers are introduced to clients for necessary evaluation. We are all dedicated to providing the best possible service.

YES. Handy Stewards provides all maintenance services within our scope of operations.

Visit Our Showroom

Sunday: 12pm – 8pm | Monday – Friday: 10pm – 6pm.


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